Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pictures From My Backyard Garden

We've planted radishes.

We've planted carrots.

We've got some lettuce.

Here's some broccoli.

And,'s some cauliflower.

It's surprising how much you can grow in a simple (and inexpensive) 4 feet x 8 feet above ground grow bed.  A deeper bed would be better and allow for growing more egg plant and squash. Our efforts for those have suffered and the best I can tell, it's due to the soil depth being too shallow. Below the above ground bed, it's just ordinary Florida soil which in my yard is about  65% sand.

We're planning to add an additional above ground bed for next season. With a little organization and fore thought we can plant something every two weeks and have fresh vegetables to eat for four of five months during the winter and spring.  Since our prime growing season begins in September, we'll have plenty of time to add lots of compost material to build up the soil fertility.


  1. The soil depth doesn't allow fruits and veggies to grow as well in Florida, or Louisiana where I used to live. We are just barely sea level over there. I grow in pots above around these days.

  2. I can grow all the collards, lettuce, and radishes that I can eat in the bed in the picture. There's nothing quite like harvesting your salad greens a few minutes before dinner time.

    I'm going to add an aquaponic system later this year with catfish.

  3. hmmmm! i think greenery is the most valuable part of our life.....i realy like your of luck..:)

    Minnesota Landscape

  4. My wife and I have been trying to build a raised flower bed for quite some time now. Those radishes look fantastic!