Sunday, May 17, 2009

Vermicomposting: Getting Started 101

Last night my wife and I harvested vermicompost from an inside bin that we started a few months ago with 1 lb of redworms. Besides generating a lot of nutrient rich soil additives, we've also doubled our quantity of worms in the bin to approximately 2 lbs (maybe a little more). I've always thought of vermicomposting as primarily an outside acitivity, but the inside worm bin has been very effective.

In the beginning it all seems so complicated. There are questions about what kind of worms, what kind of worm bins, how much water, what kind of food, is it too hot, is it too cold, etc. Here are some resources that might help answer those questions and many more.

Chicago Home Composting provides a lot of nice pictures and articles to help you understand some of the basic vermicomposting concepts.

Garden Web is anothe helpful website that has an active community of vermicomposters.

And finally for the ultimate in home composting information, visit Vermicompsters on Ning.

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