Sunday, March 29, 2009

Coconut Coir

Today I stopped by True Value Hardware. I was shopping for some rope and as I walked through the aisles I discovered coconut coir sold in bricks. Here's a store locator link: click here

True Value sells the block that provides 2 cubic feet of bedding for $7.99. It's organic coconut coir and more economical than any other source of coir that I've discovered to date. I plan to use it in my raised gardening beds instead of pine straw this year. It should well for weed control and it's very convenient to store in a compressed state.

What is coconut coir? It is made from the husk of coconut. It's extremely absorbent and is a more environmentally friendly alternative to peat moss. Vermicomposters and organic garders use it for bedding. (It's also used for reptile bedding.)

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